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The Duke Not Taken by London, Julia
Snow Horses : by Maclachlan, Patricia
A Bride's Guide to Marriage and Murder by Freeman, Dianne
The Pigeon Has to Go to School! / by Willems, Mo
The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster! / by Willems, Mo
Busy Betty / by Witherspoon, Reese
Cat Problems / by John, Jory
Apple and Magnolia / by Gehl, Laura
Pete the Cat Plays Hide-and-Seek / by Dean, Kimberly
Tucked In the Barn / by Green, Agnes
Bear Came Along / by Morris, Richard T
The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots /
The Snowflake / by Davies, Benji
Big Bear and Little Fish / by Nickel, Sandra
Winter Lullaby / by White, Dianne
The Very Last Leaf / by Wade, Stef
Leif and the Fall / by Grant, Allison Sweet
Diary of A Wimpy Kid : by Kinney, Jeff
Mel Fell / by Tabor, Corey R
Little Red Sleigh / by Guendelsberger, Erin
A Very Big Fall / by Kastner, Emmy
Big Shot / by Kinney, Jeff
An Unexpected Amish Courtship by Good, Rachel J
On Magnolia Lane by Hunter, Denise
Harvest Moon : by Hunter, Denise
Evie by Fyffe, Caroline
Under the Starry Skies by Peterson, Tracie
Christmas Kisses With My Cowboy /
A Rancher's Kiss / by Palmer, Diana
Cowboy True / by Palmer, Diana

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